Moroccan Bedroom Décor for the Daughters

My husband told me that our daughters wanted to renovate their bedroom, and then they wanted to have Moroccan bedroom décor. All of them wanted to get the similar theme, but they confessed that they would have different arrangement. Of course, my husband thought about the plan. He felt challenged to redesign his girls’ bedroom. My husband is an architect. He took his specialty in interior design. Then, he tried to draw the interior for his daughters. He planned to show the design after it has finished.
The Older Daughter’s Room

My husband really knows about her daughters’ characteristics. Because of that, he could draw what the daughters want. He started with our older daughter. My husband tried to design the classic and warm atmosphere in the room. The reason why my husband chose that theme was because my older daughter is feminine. My husband put the yellow wall there. He put the white bed there. For the lighting system, my husband placed the yellow wall lamps to create the warmer atmosphere. My husband also added the dark brown rattan chairs for the room.
The Younger Daughter’s Room

My husband drew differently for our younger daughter. She is the cheerful person. Hence, my husband wanted to get the light color adjusted to our younger daughter’s characteristics. My husband applied the light green for the room. He added the brown bed there. He put the green mosquito net to decorate the bed. My husband also did not forget to maintain the lighting system. He wanted to get the fresh atmosphere there, so he installed the blue hanging lamps.

Furthermore, my husband is very eager to design his daughters’ room. He tried his best effort to make the rooms beautiful. My husband then completed the room by adding the Moroccan carpet. For the older daughter’s room, he added the red Moroccan carpet. Meanwhile, he added the brown carpet for the younger daughter’s room. I could see his effort to design and arrange the room. I have seen the result, so did my daughters. They told me that they are satisfied to the result. Thus, they would give a present for their father.