Moroccan Bedroom Design with Valance and Colorful Cushions

The Moroccan bedroom design is not always in a crowd sense and in unmatched colors that mean to be together in a room. You can easily put the stuffs that trim in stripes or just hang the realist painting in the wall, then paint the wall in a warm colors or white. The stripes actually can reflected the Moroccan look or the bohemian look, but you can easily separate it by choose the one that has the golden linings that separates the colors for the Moroccan look.

Not only the stripes stuffs and realistic paintings but also the valance and the colorful cushions will enliven your Moroccan look bedroom as well. Then you will easily design your room in Moroccan style if you get the stuffs perfectly right inside your bedroom. The setting of the colors will also affect to the sense in the room. If you try to obtain the sweet and warm sense you can use the bright girl colors like red, orange, pink, or even magenta and purple.
Valance for your Bed

The valance that usually trims your bedroom can easily make your bedroom in Moroccan mood as well. The valance usually made of tulle fabric. You can choose the colors of the valance that will help you to obtain the Moroccan sense come across your room perfectly. You can also choose the one that has the Moroccan details in the edge of the valance if you want. The shape of the valance can also trim your bedroom precisely. Just smartly choose the shape and the style.
Colorful Cushions for Moroccan Motives

Then you can collect the cushions in any shape to trim your bedroom perfectly. The motives and the colors of the Moroccan sense are come variously. You can set each motives to your cushions in embroidery or just in a motives. You can lay the cushions on your bed, on your armchairs or even just lay it in the rug that will make your room in a casual look. The colors that you can obtain must in a theme. Like the set of soft colors or just the sets of the natural colors.