Moroccan Bedroom Style for Adopting the Moroccan Hotel

My husband has been interested in the Moroccan design since we had our honeymoon there, and then he planned to have the Moroccan bedroom style. He could not realize his willingness soon after we came back from the honeymoon. Yet, he wanted to decorate the bedroom after we got the second child. He wanted to build our bedroom while he wanted to add the second baby room. My husband said to me that it will be time efficient. Thus, he decided to have the renovation at the same time.
Looking for the Design

Mu husband set everything by himself. He started by browsing the idea. He even asked his friend about the design. Then, my husband realized that he should decide the color scheme for the room. He remembered that there are many color schemes that can be applied to the room like in our honeymoon hotel. He asked me which color I want. Actually, I told him to choose the light color because it would make our room look spacious. He agreed with my opinion. Yet, he wanted to combine with darker colors for the proportion.
Deciding the Design

He has looked for the design for a while. He decided to use the yellow color as the major color scheme for our bedroom. He then thought about the furniture and the decorations as well. The first thing that he did for the bedroom was painting the wall. After finishing the wall, he added the white cemented Moroccan wall decoration. He built that thing above the window. Hence, the Moroccan atmosphere could be looked just by starring at the decoration. He also added the lighting system for the bedroom. He installed the pink Moroccan hanging lamp. He also added the Moroccan ornament on the ceiling.

More than that, my husband placed the dark brown wooden bed frame in the bedroom. He also placed small wooden side table. He decorated the bed with the reddish brown mosquito net hanging above the bed frame. He said that it will give more romantic atmosphere. He then placed the peach carpet floor for the room. I thought that the carpet looks pretty in our bedroom anyway.