Moroccan Decals for the Cheapest Moroccan Room Design

My sister in law is the person who likes the Middle East designs, so that she is really interested in decorating her house in Middle East theme, but she looked for the cheapest things to create the design like using Moroccan decals. My sister in law decided to use the decals because buying the wallpaper or Moroccan tiles would spend her budgets more. Hence, she tended to find the other alternative. She told me how she could get this kind of the idea. She said to me that her friend suggests using the decals for the wall if she wants to save her budget.
Getting the Decals

Of course, my sister in law would be attracted because of the cheap budgets. Then, she thought where she can get the decals because those things would be difficult to find around her neighborhood. She asked her friend about this. Then, her friend offered the decals because her friend has many stocks of it. In fact, her friend is a vendor. Surely, my sister in law’s friend got the best moment to offer her product to my sister in law.
Choosing the Rooms and Decals

My sister in law is the person that can get easily to be offered by a thing. Hence, she would easily choose the decals. Moreover, she was offered by her own friend. Anyway, she wanted to decorate her television room and her kid bedroom first. She wanted to create the fresh atmosphere for the television room. This room will have a function for gathering the family members, so it should be relax in the atmosphere. She chose the cream wall with black Moroccan patter in it. Then, she put the blue chair in the corner, but she placed the black and grey sofas exactly in front of the television.

For the kid bedroom, she chose the light color. Since her kid is a boy, she should choose the masculine color as well. She chose the dark brown and cream color. She wanted to use the neutral color at once. She put the red and dark brown decals stuck on the wall. My sister in law also place white single sofa with brown arms and legs.