Moroccan Décor Style in My Younger Sister’s House

I visited my younger sister’s house in the country side, and then I could not believe what I have seen there because she has successfully built her dream house by applying the Moroccan décor style. She has ever told me that she wants to build the Moroccan house for herself. Then, I could see that she makes it truly. She told me that she planned the house with her husband. She told her husband that she really wants to have a Moroccan house. Moreover, my younger sister and her husband wanted to build a house that time. The chance would not be missed to build a Moroccan house.
What the House Looks Like

Even though my younger sister wanted to have the Moroccan house, she did not want the classic and rustic design. She wanted the modern design. Yet, I thought it would never happen because mostly I saw the Moroccan design brings the classic design. Anyway, I started to explore my younger sister’s house from the exterior. I saw the ordinary façade there. I did not expect the luxury thing there. Still, my sister invited me to walk in the backyard. I just could say that it is incredible. She built a Moroccan swimming pool design there.
Seeing the Interior

Moreover, my sister maintained the lighting system for the exterior especially for the swimming pool area. She told me that the scenery will be more romantic in the night. She asked me to go inside. She wanted to show me the living room. She showed me the fresh and natural look there. She only added the white Moroccan ornamented window. She completed the room with green sofa. She also placed the pink Moroccan divan near the sofas.

When I saw my sister’s home interior, I imagined ‘what an interesting place’. My younger sister showed me the different room. She wanted to show me another interesting room. She said that the room is for relaxing and chit chat for the family member. She designed the room with Moroccan fireplace. Then, she placed the white sofas rounded the fireplace. However, I did not have enough time for exploring the house in one day. Hence, I would explore more for next visit.