Moroccan Home Décor Represented in Favorite Place in the House

My brother in law told to the whole family that he built a house with Moroccan home décor. Of course, all the family members surprised with that. As long as I knew, my brother in law did not like something in classic design. Hence, his decision of applying the Moroccan style surprised everyone there. My brother in law then explained how he could come up with that decision. He told us that he wanted to change his preferences of design. He wanted to try something new for his new house.
The Favorite Place in the House

My brother in law told us that even though he tried to build the house with all his effort. He then added that he has the favorite place in the house. This place is near to the living room. He built a special corner where he could enjoy the sunlight coming to the house. He put the high Moroccan window. Then, he placed the white L divan under the window. He placed the red Moroccan carpet under the divan. To make the room more convenient, my brother in law installed the brown Moroccan hanging lamp there.
Another Favorite Place

My brother in law told us that he has another favorite room in the house. He built it for his pleasure. He also considered to his wife’s excitement as well. He added the Moroccan bar near the kitchen. He decorated the bar with Moroccan lantern lamps. Hence, it would be colorful in the night. Close to the bar, he placed the Moroccan wooden dining table set. He wanted that his family could have dinner there together. Moreover, he also placed the big mirror for the dining room, so that the room looked spacious.

Furthermore, my brother in law wanted us to stay in his house for this holiday. He wanted to show the parts of house more. He could not tell the real excitement there by just telling the designs. He added that we should experience it ourselves. One of our cousins said that my brother in law should open a resort for his house. It would be the valuable thing. In fact, he really thought about it.