Moroccan Inspired Décor in Grandmother’s Bedroom and Outdoor Living Room

My grandmother lives in the country side, and then she told me that she wanted to get the renovation for the house, so she looked for the Moroccan inspired décor as her best choice of home design. My grandmother likes the warm ambiance through the house. I thought that the Moroccan theme will be great for her house. For her previous home design, I thought that it was classic and rustic design. Hence, my family and I thought that the renovation will only change little bit for wall, furniture, and decorations when my grandmother told about her plan.
Change the Bedroom

My grandmother wanted to renovate her bed room first as the pioneer. Since she lives alone with the housekeepers, she did not have any priority for the house. She focused on her bedroom only where she spends all day long there. She also thought how to keep the room clean. Then, she thought to get the simple design for her bedroom. She placed the dark brown wooden suede divan. My grandmother also placed the brown divan in the corner of the room. She installed the yellow wall lamps above the divan.
Building the Outdoor Living Room

My grandmother wanted the outdoor living room for long time after thinking about her bedroom. She wanted to get the outdoor living room because she likes to gather outside the house. She always likes the wind when it is summer. Hence, she utilized the opportunity to build and arrange the outdoor living room. Like other typical color scheme for the Moroccan design, my grandmother used the orange wall there. She then used the wooden structure to build the outdoor living room. She wanted to get the natural material for the outdoor living room.

Then, my grandmother featured the living room with the proper furniture and decorations. She put the Moroccan wooden table. She placed the blue chairs there. She did not forget to place the white wooden divan in a corner of the room. She wanted to create the cozy and convenient place for her and the whole family. Of course, I am delightful for being there to gather with my grandmother and my family.