Moroccan Style Bathroom with Ethnical Sense of Bathing

Moroccan style bathroom seems like the bathroom style that will make you enjoy your bathing time perfectly. More over if you put the wide window there to enjoy the window sight that will relax your mind and body perfectly. All of the sense, mood and setting you can set as you want even though it is in a Moroccan style. You can also set the lighting of the bathroom that not only trim the bathroom perfectly but also will light your bathroom when you need the lighting inside there.

The Moroccan style you can obtain from the natural sense of the stony floor or the wall and the chandelier or even the floor lamps that you can set the candles in it. You can also use the aroma therapies that will not only relaxing your mind but also trim your bathroom perfectly. Moreover you can make your bathroom in a sense that you can create. More than just a Moroccan, but you can obtain the natural Moroccan, classic Moroccan or even the girly Moroccan.
Modern Moroccan Bathroom

For your modern bathroom in Moroccan style, you can easily set the look in a modern look. Just set the bathroom in two colors like white and blue, white and cream, white and black, and the other modern two colors that you might obtained there. Set them in perfect proportion and let the rest trimmed by the Moroccan furniture like the chandeliers, wall lamps, bath up, showers, room dividers, and many more. The candle holder for your aroma therapy will also enliven your Moroccan bathroom as well.
Natural Moroccan Bathroom

For the natural look bathroom, you can set the whole floor in a round stone that you can shape in a flowers ornament or just make it the same. Then you can set the wall in a white bricks and set the unique Moroccan typical wall lamps in it. Do not forget to set the indoor plants and the wide windows to make your bathroom more blend to the nature perfectly. The sense there is better to set in a sweet natural colors like cream, white, black, grey, or even the ivory.