Moroccan Style Décor for Best Resort Design

I came to my best friend’s resort because he told me that he took a Mediterranean design like Moroccan style décor. He successfully made me very curious. Of course, I told him to give me a voucher to stay in his resort. I will bring my family there. Moreover, I asked him to give me the holiday package as well. It was because I will bring my family to have holiday there. Moreover, the interesting thing was that he built the resort far away from the Mediterranean Sea.
The Outdoor Place

My friend really gave me the resort voucher for the holiday. He told me that he will meet my family and me there. He added that the resort will serve the consumers for the Mediterranean ambiance. The holiday season came, and then my family and I went to the resort together. We arrived there for sure. My family and I arrived to the resort in the best time of the holiday season. I surely met my best friend there. He asked me and my family to walk around in the resort. He showed me the Moroccan garden there. He decorated the garden with Moroccan tent and traditional Moroccan poufs.
The Indoor Place

After we walked around in the garden, my friend told my family and me to take a rest in the resort room. He provided the luxury and traditional Moroccan design. He offered us to pick the rooms. Since we were six, we chose three different rooms anyway. My mother and my father choose the ordinary Moroccan room theme. This room featured with brown bed and wooden furniture. My sons chose the modern Moroccan room. This room has the black suede divan and the other Moroccan decorations or Home Decoration Ideas.

Moreover, my friend said that my husband and I could use the most expensive room in the resort. He showed me the best room which has the private pool. I amazed to its scenery. He told me that the place will be look more beautiful in the night. Of course, I waited until it was night. Then, I could prove it myself that the Moroccan hanging lamps look beautiful there.