Moroccan Style Décor Ideas for a Specific Room

I visited my uncle’s house last month, and then I saw one of the Moroccan style décor ideas. My uncle always likes the Middle East things especially for the decoration. Hence, my uncle got an idea to make his dream design. Since his house has its own design, he did not want to redecorate all the parts of the house. As he told me, my uncle wanted to build a particular room for the Moroccan design. When I arrived to his house, my uncle told me the story about it.
My Uncle’s Story

I saw the particular room in my uncle’s house. At the first time, he told me about the room long time ago. He mentioned that he wanted to create the similar thing as the original room look. He has ever visited Morocco once and then he stayed in a traditional hotel there. Hence, he wanted to create the atmosphere like in the hotel. My uncle, then, told me that he has thought about the room since he came back to this country after his holiday. He also told her wife about his plan. Yet, his wife did not really support for the plan.
Setting the Room

If my uncle put his dream off, he will not be like my uncle. My uncle still did his plan for sure. He provided an empty room for the Moroccan room. He changed his library for this special room. He moved all the library things somewhere in his house. My uncle invited me to see the room after having the long conversation with me. He showed me the unique modern Moroccan room. He is very proud of it. He painted the wall in to orange color. Hence, the warm Moroccan atmosphere could be created.

Furthermore, I saw my uncle placed the unique Moroccan divan as the major furniture. He completed the Moroccan divan with yellow poufs and Moroccan tables. He then installed the colorful glass windows to strengthen the theme. I saw the whi

te Moroccan bookshelves stood in the corner of the room. He also placed the traditional Moroccan pots for the Moroccan accents. After seeing the room, I adore his creation on Moroccan design.