Moroccan Tile Decals for Living Room and Television Room

Many people might be thinking that creating the Moroccan design for the house will be very costly, but it is not for my sister’s thought because she got the other alternative to create the Moroccan design for her house, so she used the Moroccan tile decals for saving her budget. My sister wanted the Moroccan design for long time ago. She also dreams to get to Morocco once in her life. I really do not know why she adores the Moroccan design very much. However, she told me how she create and find the things to make her dream comes true at least for her own house.
The Living Room

First thing came to my sister’s head. She thought to change her living room for sure. She thought that the public place will be her priority. The public place like the living room will be seen by many people who visit the house. Hence, she thought that she should design the room in a good proportion. She always knows that the Moroccan design represents warm, romantic, and classic. Then, my sister chose the Victorian tile with Moroccan design in it. I saw it as the good choice for the living room.
The Television Room

After thinking about the living room, my sister thought the second public place that is often being designated place for relax. She thought to decorate the television room. She chose the darker color to this room compared to the living room. She applied the black and white Moroccan decal. She also installed the classic crystal chandelier in the room. Moreover, she placed the arch lamp for the room. It will be the new design for the television room.

Apart from the living room and the television room, my sister planned to decorate her bedroom later. She was really satisfied to the design that she has just made it. She told me to visit her soon. Then, she would explain and tell anything about her experience. She also told me that she designed and arranged the decals by herself. Of course, I would be very curious about. I hope I will be there soon for my sister.