Moroccan Tile Design for Living Room and Terrace

My mother always likes the unique tile for the house, so that she looked for the Moroccan tile design as one of her alternatives. She likes to try the different design in the house. That time, she wanted to get the house like in Morocco. This country is one of the beautiful countries in North Africa. This country is bordered to Gibraltar straits and Mediterranean Sea. Of course, it has beautiful scenery there. More than that, Morocco has the characteristics of the home d├ęcor. The design encompasses the unique Moroccan style.
Which Room is

My mother wanted to change and redecorate the living room and the terrace. The previous living room and the terrace had European style. Yet, my mother has not changed the style for about ten years. Hence, she really wanted to get the new style for the house. Before deciding the living room and terrace, she has thought which room will be redecorated. The reason why she chose the living room and terrace was because those rooms are the face of the house where the guests will look at the first time.
The Design

My mother decided to get the Moroccan style by applying the Moroccan tiles. My mother said that using the tiles will be more effective to show the particular design because through the tiles we can see its particular characteristics. Still, my mother realized that the tiles have distinctive patterns for the variation. Those tiles also have various colors that my mother can choose. My mother wanted to get natural Moroccan style as well. Hence, she maintained it very precisely. She listed the detail for the color scheme. She chose the black and green Moroccan tiles for the terrace, so that she could mix it with red webbing chair.

Moreover, my mother has finished choosing the tile for the terrace. Then, she thought to change the living room. She confused what color and pattern that she should choose for the living room. She then chose the neutral colors, but the tiles are still very Moroccan as my mother said to me. She chose yellow, red, and green Moroccan tiles that are installed to the living room. I thought also that my mother’s touch for the design is very good.