Most Beautiful Interior Designs in Vintage Style

Last weekend I went to my aunt’s house that becomes the most beautiful interior design, for family gathering purposes together with my parent and my elder sisters. We decided to hold the family gathering in my aunt’s house because she just bought the house a month ago. Actually the house is really beautiful. Her house comes in vintage style and modern design. The wooden stuffs, the wooden panes, the wooden floor, and the flowery stuffs like the ceiling, cushions, curtain, decorations and wallpaper come really beautiful.

All of the rooms set in vintage mood. The consistency of the vintage also makes me really adore the house. Seemed like lived in 70’s or 80’s house complete with the lifestyle that my aunt’s usually lived. She loves to wear the vintage blouse of just knee length dress for daily clothes. Moreover, the flowers that every days always set in every room to trim the room perfectly. The flowers come variously in every room depends on the colors of the room.
Beautiful Vintage Living Room

In the living room what I do really adore is the ceiling that comes really beautiful. The ceiling decorated with flowery ornament colorfully. The flower ornament not fulfilled the whole ceiling but just in the edge of the ceiling. The look of the ceiling is really beautiful then. The cream curtain, the colorful cushions, the white couch, and the flowers arrangement is really suitable to be blend to the cream floor and the white wall perfectly. The lamps and the lighting there also set in vintage style. Then the beauty of the room is sorely felt there.
Beautiful Vintage Bathroom

Then the most adorable spot there is the bathroom. I feel like in a 80’s film that use the typical motive wallpaper for the bathroom. The dark wooden panes and the cream floor with the brown hue is really beautifully blend with the white bath up that has a golden faucet and legs. The toilet also come in white shade with the wooden covered that really beautiful trim the vintage style there. Then the mirror also comes in vintage style with the typical details in the frame like a golden hue that really make the bathroom come beautifully.