Office Interior Design Inspiration in Future Own Business Office

My husband is being transferred to his new office, and then he told me that he found the office interior design inspiration there. My husband dreams to have his own office for the future. He wanted to build his office someday. Yet, he already looked for the dream design. He has thought about building the office for long time. He has prepared all the office things except the office design. Moreover, he wanted to keep being the employees while he has his own business for next plan anyway.
The Employees’ Place

My husband looked around in his new office. As the new man in the office, he should get to know the office well. Of course, he should introduce himself to the seniors there. He paid attention to the employees’ working place. It is set in modern design. He told me that the proportion is better than his previous office. He added that the office is more efficient for doing the jobs. He explained that he sits on the purple clover table with three others. They sat on the purple office chairs. They work in the same team. Hence, they can discuss the problems there directly. He said that it will also save the time.
The Discussion Room

My husband also paid attention to the discussion room. He wanted to make the discussion room in his future office. My husband told me that the discussion room is used for the meeting room as well. The room is featured with long brown wooden table. The table is featured with white chairs. He also saw the big screen television hanging on the wall. He wanted to get the graved glass wall for separating the discussion room from other rooms.

Furthermore, my husband also thought the office entirely. He thought to use the grey marble floor for the whole office parts. He also added the lighting system. He wants to add the hidden lamps there. He added the white standing lamps in every room corner. Moreover, he would place the arch lamps in every employee’s table. Hence, he can get efficient results as well. Anyway, my husband likes his recent office right now.