One Piece Shower Units for Additional Bathroom

My mother wanted to build a bathroom again, so she looked for one piece shower units. She wanted something different that time. She wanted to build small bathroom in complete features. Then, she wanted to design the bathroom by herself as well. She then set the plan for the bathroom. She was busy to find the right bathroom shower units. It would need her more effort to find the right one. She asked me to accompany her in choosing the unit. She also asked my sister to come with us.
Going Shopping

My mother, my sister, and I have set the date for the shopping. We went to a store to others. We found various shower units. One of the salesmen showed us for the kinds. The salesman explained the shape for details. He told us that there are general units for the options. He mentioned the corner, square, and the rectangular. The corner is the smallest size, whereas the rectangular is the biggest size. My mother wanted to see the equipment to the shower units like stall, towel handler, soap handler, etc.
Making the Decision

My mother has walked around the bathroom store. She has seen the units and the equipment as well. She then thought to have the efficient bathroom. Suddenly, she saw the rectangular shower units, but it has the bath up in it. She thought that it would be very efficient in a small bathroom. She wanted that shower unit as her final decision. Then, she moved to think about the equipment. She chose the stainless steel stall with stainless steel tabs as well. She wanted to equip the shower unit with glass door. Hence, it would look very modern as she said.

Shortly, my mother wanted to build an additional bathroom. She wanted to place it near the kitchen. It means that it would be the public bathroom, so everyone can use it. Moreover, she wanted to build the efficient bathroom as well. Hence, she looked for the right one. Finally, she found the right for her new bathroom. It was rectangular shower unit with bath up in it. She was satisfied with her choice anyway.