Point Dume Residence Built in Luxurious Modern Dwelling

Point dume residence that placed in Malibu, California is belonging to my elder sister. Last week I went to her house to come in her baby shower party. Because I lived far from her house then I decided to stay her house one day before the party was held. I help her to prepare the cake, the finger foods and the other thing that might be needed in the party. My sister house is really modern and luxurious. The house comes really modern from the outside, then more in the inside.

The house has a flat roof, spacious front yard and the magnificent backyard with its swimming pool. The front yard just trimmed by the green lawn and the purple plants that beautify the edge of the front yard perfectly. Then in the back yard, there is a swimming pool complete with its longue chairs and the outdoor living that really comfortable and nice to be put outside the house perfectly. In the backyard she put an unusual statue that me myself just do not know what kind of shape the statue is.
The Lovable Bedroom

There I provided the bedroom that placed in the second floor. The bedroom is directly connected to the upper porch that really nice to had a deep inhale there in the morning and did some yoga there. The scenery is really beautiful, thus the room is trimmed by the wide windows to enjoy the view from inside the house perfectly. The room set modernly with the natural color shade all over the space. The floor comes in wooden shade, and the wall just simply in white and the bed in grey.
The Stunning Bathroom

Then for my private bathroom there is designed in really beautiful layout. The bath up lay in the middle of the bathroom then the wide windows that set in the wall can serve me the beautiful scenery from the bath up. The sink and the toilet come in white color that has the same shade with the bath up. The simple and minimalist look of the furniture makes the bathroom really modernly stunning. Moreover, the hidden lamps make the sense there become more modern and lovable.