Pool House Designs for Beautiful Pool Area

My husband and I visited our colleague’s house, and then we saw that he built one of the pool house designs. Our colleague encompassed the swimming pool area as the center of the house. Hence, I thought that he used all his effort to think the swimming pool design in the house. Our colleague likes modern design like the others. So, he designed the pool in modern way. He likes also to have gathering in outdoor place; so that he told us building the pool is the best option.
The Featuring Area

When my husband and I arrived to the house, we saw the wonderful place there. We saw the small cabin there. The cabin was designed to practicality and durability. We saw the outdoor living room facing the pool. Surely, he likes to gather the people there. The living room is equipped by the white wooden armchairs and the wooden table. He also made a small black bar there. He completed the bar with high bar chairs as usual. To make more convenient when the day is colder, he prepared the natural stone fireplace there.
Around the Swimming Pool

Besides the living room, our colleague made the pool in rectangular shape. Hence, it is quite big pool. We saw the special deck for the swimming pool. He installed the white stone deck. Thus, the pool is sparkling when it is in daylight. Then, we saw the cream umbrella table aside the swimming pool. He equipped the umbrella table with wooden chairs. More than that, he placed several stripped black pool benches there. My husband and I thought that he could hold a pool party as often as he wants to.

Furthermore, my husband and I still amazed to the swimming pool design. We got the inspiration for our house. We wanted also build the similar swimming pool design. Yet, we wanted to get the small pool area. However, our colleague asked to stay until night because he wanted to invite his neighbors for the weekly meeting in his house. Of course, we were glad for the invitation anyway. Then, we decided to stay longer there for sure.