Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture for Renovating Outdoor Space

My sister in law has renovated her outdoor space, and then she used pottery barn outdoor furniture. She told the story to us, the family and the in laws. We had the monthly gathering that time. She told us that her outdoor space has been finished. She wanted everyone to come in her house. She would be very delightful to explain and share her experience having the beautiful outdoor place. She told us that she wants to hold next gathering in her house. Hence, the family can see the outdoor space.
Come to the House

Obviously, our family and I would be eager to visit my sister in law’s house. Then, we decided to hold the next meeting in her house. Due to the date, we arrived to my sister in law’s house. She greeted us in the living room first while she prepared the things for the outdoor event. After she finished the preparation, she asked us to move in outdoor. All of us were surprised to the outdoor space. The previous space was just an ordinary garden. Then, my sister in law successfully made over the place.
The Place Looks Like

My sister in law built the additional gazebo there. She utilized the natural wood shape as the roof and the pillars. Then, it looks very natural. She equipped the place with fabulous furniture like I was said before. She placed the brown wooden sofa set with white seating pads. She also thought about the lighting system. To create the mood, my sister in law installed the classic lantern lamps hanging on the roof. She also placed the cream carpet under the sofa. The carpet will make the atmosphere warmer as well.

Moreover, my sister in law thought to make the green touch to her gazebo. She planted the vines to create the mood. Our family felt very cozy and relax in the gazebo. My sister seemed satisfied to our opinion. Then, she served us with delicious food and fresh drinks. Therefore, the family gathering that time was the unforgettable experience ever. Moreover, we decided to have the next gathering in her house again for sure.