Pure Talent from Pure Render Regarded to Better Designs and Facilities

My boss asked me to check and observe the new apartment for the company business, and then I have seen the pure talent from the pure render in the new apartment building. Why I could say that words was because the apartment can be designed by the render or the owner. Hence, both render and the owner can dig their creativity to decorate the apartment. Moreover, this new apartment building has built to the render and owner’s satisfactions. Not many apartment developers will allow the render and the owner to create their own design. Yet, our company sees the opportunity.
What to Observe First

I arrived in the apartment building that afternoon. I had my plan on my hands. I observed the building facilities first. The facilities have the correlation with the render and the owner’s convenient. Hence, they should be maintained well. I walked in the lobby. I saw the white lobby desk there very clean. I also saw the white floor without little dust there. Then, I walked to the meeting room. The meeting room features with long white table with grey chairs. I saw the wooden cabinets placed near the table. Then, I went to the swimming pool area. After that, I went to the restaurant with wooden tables and the white chairs.
Going to the Apartment Rooms

After observing the public places, I wanted to see the apartment rooms. Hence, I observed two different rooms as the samples. I knocked one of the apartment rooms. I was there accompanied by the manager. Then, I entered the apartment room with minimalist design. The owner or the render placed white sofa set with brown carpet. Aside the sofa, she placed the brown kitchen counter with white chairs. She also placed the wooden dining table with white chairs as well.

Then, the manager showed me to the penthouse apartment type. This space has not been owned yet. Moreover, I saw the ornamented steel railways for the stairs. The place was also featured by classic chandelier. Then, the manager said to place the sample of the furniture there. I saw the brown sofa set there. I also saw the red sofa in the other corner. Anyway, I have done my job there to observe the new building. Then, I had to go back to the office.