Rustic Dining Table for My Grandmother’s Dining Room

My grandmother paid attention to the dining room of the house because she wanted to renovate the room by applying the rustic dining table. She told the family including me that she was bored to the old design. The old design was adopting from classic design. Yet, she wanted to create new atmosphere for the dining room. Hence, all the family could gather together in a new theme of the dining room. She also thought that the dining room is the important place for family gathering.
Reasons of Choosing

My grandmother is a kind of conventional person. She likes to gather the family in the dining room. She also likes to serve the meal that she cooked before. She likes to cook delicious food for her family. Apart from those things, she wanted to find the new design for her dining room. Moreover, the old design has already been there for more than ten years. Hence, my grandmother tended to have the total renovation including removing and replacing the old furniture. What make we surprised was that my grandmother wanted to pick the furniture and decorations by herself.
Doing the Next Steps

As said previously, she has mentioned a specific dining table to place in her dining room. Then, she got a job to find the other furniture and decorations. She finally got what she needed. Then, she began to place all of them. She placed the white wooden chairs with floral chair pad. It could beautify the table. Moreover, my grandmother installed the brown brick floor under the table. This kind of floor would strengthen the rustic theme. Moreover, she installed the wooden floor to the rest of the room.

On the other hands, my grandmother added the wooden bench aside the dining table. It allowed more people to join the dinner for example. On the table, she placed brown ball vase and wooden ashtray in the middle of the table. My grandmother did not forget to change the curtain. Then, she placed the white curtain to the windows and doors. I have seen the result of the dining room design. It is really rustic, but it still has modern touch.