Salt Lake City Home Designed in a Luxury High Taste Sense

Last weekend I came to my elder brother Salt Lake City home in Utah. I went to his house in family gathering purposes and that was my first time came to his house. When I arrived there, praise God, his house is really amazing. He set the house modernly and in a luxurious look. I did really speechless when I entered his house and looked around the home. My brother just laugh at me saw my silly face to adore his house. He set the outdoor dining room and outdoor living room in his back yard. That was awesome. I loved it.

The best part of his house is the back yard. I do not know he set the outdoor living room and outdoor dining room just for the family gathering or that was the usual look of his backyard. As I know, he set it perfectly amazing. Moreover, he make a little prism tent in the back complete with its dimmer and the cushions to enjoy the stars in the night for us. The floor lamps, the outdoor fireplace, the plants and the sense were really made me amazed all along the days.
The Comfortable Living Room

The living room was really fit to our family member. He provided us three large couches in it and it was fitted to me, my elder brother, Mommy, Daddy, Granny, and my little sister. We spent family quality time together in living room to discuss anything to release our longing to gather together. While we have chit chat there, I kept track of the furniture. The furniture there was really amazing, the cushions, the rug, the LED television, the wide windows, the wooden floor and the white wall was perfectly combine and make the sweet fresh luxurious sense there.
The Guest Bedroom

There we also have provided the guest bedroom by my elder brother. I slept with my little sister in a king size bed. The room seemed really modern with blue glass windows. There was also provided a LCD television to us. Moreover I love the simple sitting lamps that set there maybe as the dimmer. Even though the setting of the room is not really girly, but I do love the cool sense there. I have my tight slept there. Thanks James, you are awesome.