Sentosa House with Modern Design and Tropical Dwelling

Last winter I went to my Aunt Sentosa house in Sentosa Island, Singapore. The house is really beautiful and really modernly built in a tropical land. The house is consisting of three floors and come in a flat roof with the wooden blind that applied in the outside of the house. The house is really modern from the outside, thus the inside is more modern. The garden in the front yard is really stunning and full of the tropical plants and the green lawn. The white natural stone lay upon the land naturally.

Then in the backyard there is a pool that comes really modern with a lot of frangipani trees trim the lawn beautifully. The backyard is so tranquil thus really stunning in the morning and afternoon. I did love to spend my time there with my aunt with a cup of tea to enjoy the sunrise or just a sun set from the porch there. We talked about anything that we have done, my aunt seemed to know me better. Then the sun shine in the tropical land like this house is really bright in the morning, even in the afternoon.
The Modern Touch of the House

The modern touch actually I can find in the most of the spots there. From the roof, the outside look, the glass rails, the wooden stairs, the wide windows the black window panes, the wooden blinds, the stunning backyard and the furniture all are set modernly. The combination between the modern look and the tropical land is really makes this house really stunning and gorgeous. I had loved to spend my time alone in the living room that has a wide window and face the beautiful garden outside.
White Kitchen

The lichen come together with the living room, but the dining room set in a bar stools that makes the house come more modern. The kitchen is just the others bar stools kitchen, what make this kitchen different is the shade that used. The white shade is making this kitchen become so beautiful, clean, neat, and tidy. Even though the countertop colored in a wooden shade, but the kitchen is really modern and elegant that way. I love to had my breakfast there with my aunt.