Small Bathroom Tile Ideas to My Mother’s Choice

My mother wanted to renovate my little sister’s bathroom in her apartment, so that she wanted to find small bathroom tile ideas. She wanted to renovate the bathroom with the warmer design. She likes using brown or cream colors. My little sister’s previous bathroom theme was modern and futuristic. My mother thought that the previous design was untidy proportion. Moreover, the bathroom would get broken easily. My mother told me to help her with this matter. Then, she also asked my little sister about the theme.
The Design

My mother wanted to create the theme for warm bathroom. She tended to build and design the bathroom like the typical bathroom in a house. She wanted also my little sister feels like home. Then, she looked for more information how to create this atmosphere. Many people who were being asked by my mother told her that she should install the brown, white, and cream. My mother, then, thought about it more. She started discussing the theme to my sister including me. She wanted to get the suitable and the right for my little sister.
The Choice of Bathroom

As in the small apartment, my little sister has small bathroom in it. Her apartment is designed for a single living. Hence, she wanted to build the design that can make the room look spacious. Later on, the decision came up with placing the brown stripped tiles to cover all the bathroom walls. Then, my mother and sister placed the brown ceramic floor. After the room was ready, my mother and my sister wanted to move to the furniture and decoration things.

My sister set the brown double bathroom vanity. She placed the white wash-basin above the table. She also placed white water closet and the white bath up. Apart from, she also installed the brown stone towel holder. To complete the bathroom vanity table, she placed the oval steel framed mirror. My mother and my sister set the bathroom without any designer. They wanted to challenge their creativity through this bathroom. After that, I could see the result of the design was incredible for sure.