Sofa Ideas Get Different Ambiance for Rooms

My mother wanted to renovate our house by changing the sofas around the house, so that she looked for the sofa ideas. It has been for several years since my mother did the house renovation. She has told my sister and me for the renovation. She also told my father about that. My father agreed for her plan. She wanted to change the sofas in the house. It means that she wanted to change the face of the house. She would change the living room, the television room, and the other rooms in the house.
Where to Start

My mother gave her efforts to find the right sofas for the house. She thought that she started with the living room. Since the living room has white wall, she looked sofas in darker colors. She found the red sofas for the living room. She should find the features as she said to me. She planned to add the former industrial pattern carpet under the sofas. Then, she planned to place the white arch standing lamp there. She also thought that it was not enough for a living room. She then added the black and white portrait painting.
The Final Renovation

After my mother finished with the living room, she wanted to renovate the next space. She wanted to place the difference design. This space is still in the same area with the living room. It is the multifunctional room as she called it. She wanted to place the brown leather sofa with brown and black cushions. She also placed the black rug under the sofa. Then, she placed the black arch standing lamp. She also placed the dark brown table there.

Moreover, my mother still wanted to renovate the house for placing the sofas near the living room again. She wanted to create three different group sofas. She placed the orange corner sofa with black pouf. She also put the white rug under the sofas. She featured the sofa with white cushions. However, my mother started to buy the sofa that she planned before. She waited for two day shipment. Then, she realized the plan for changing the face of the house. After I saw the result, I could feel different ambiance there.