Studio Apartment Design Ideas for Independent Living Trial

My nephew planned to try the independent living after he graduated from the high school, so that he looked for the studio apartment design ideas. He told his willingness to his parents. My older brother told him that he agreed with his son’s choice. My older brother said that a man should experience the independent living for gaining more life skills and experience. Before his son told his willingness, he actually wanted to ask his son to live separately with him as his parents.
Planning the Living

My older brother told to my nephew that he gives my nephew a small apartment. My nephew surely was very happy. He wanted to accept the present from his parents. Still, my older brother wanted my nephew to find his design. My older brother agreed that he would not involve designing the apartment. To get the right design, my nephew looking for the various designs. He wanted to combine the designs to fulfill his future apartment. More than that, my older brother gave my nephew a kind of studio apartment. Hence, it had a big room with a bathroom.
Designing the Studio Apartment

My nephew accepted the apartment legally from his father. Then, he tended to see the room first before he decided the design. He has had several designs. Yet, he should check the actual situation and the condition. Thus, he could estimate and choose the right design. After thinking for a while, he decided to have combination design. He might call it as contemporary design. For general, he installed the wooden floor for covering the room floor. Then, he painted the wall with neutral color. He had cream paint for the wall.

Furthermore, my nephew placed corner white sofa for his living room. Then, walking inside, he placed marble television shelves for the television room. He, then, placed the brown mattress as his bedroom. He placed the black wooden cupboard near the bed. Then, he installed the white curtain for his large window. He put the round center lamp for the light. He also built a small kitchen there. He set the white kitchen counters with black plaid backsplash.