Styles of Homes in a City Residence

I had a wonderful experience when I visited my grandmother in her neighborhood because I saw the difference styles of homes. I thought that it was quite strange for me. As far as I know, the typical city residence has the similar home design. Yet, I saw various home designs in the similar city residence. My grandmother’s house uses the classic design as the common residence house in America. Moreover, there are two designs that could catch my attention instead of my grandmother’s. Those two designs are mostly used in the neighborhood.
Modern House

When I visited my grandmother’s house, I walked around the neighborhood. Then, I found the incredible modern house there. This house has wide front yard. The entrance gate, I could see the lawn path way. This house also emphasizes the small garden in the fa├žade. The structure of the house uses the cemented construction. This construction is combined with stone and wood. This modern house also has the white garage doors aside the front door. Then, this house placed the mail box in front of the house.
Traditional House

I felt differently when I saw the traditional house in my grandmother’s neighborhood. I saw gorgeous traditional house. This house uses the brick and stone for the wall. The wall is seen very rustic and traditional. For this traditional house, the owner added the natural brick chimney above the roof. Moreover, this house has higher floor level than the other houses in the neighborhood. The house has the natural red brick for the basic construction. In addition, this house has natural red brick wall fence. This kind of a house is completed by trees and garden.

In short, I like walking around my grandmother’s neighborhood. I could see more home designs there. The home designs could give me the inspiration of my future house later. I could see that the home designs would be various for comfort living. I thought that this neighborhood has various home design because it consists of various people. It was the interesting part of this neighborhood. Hence, I did not feel bored when I stayed there for several days.