Sycamore House: Californian Modern Lifestyle

This is my friend house, the Sycamore house that located in California, United States. The House is just not like the ordinary house. It is shape modernly. The red wall of the outside wall made me really aware that this house should be really extraordinary. My friend bought this house from Kovac Architect last year. Then He really pleased to have such modern awesome dwelling like his house right now. The combination of the red wall and the wooden wall make this house seemed so magnificent for me.

Moreover, the house set in a flat roof that makes this house become as adorable as the modern dwelling. My friend said that someday he buy a mini jet, he will make the flat roof as the port or the landing area for his mini jet. Silly obsessions, but it was really funny at the first time he told me his weird obsession. The house sets in two stories and my friend really love the two stories house with one story look. He said that his house look simple but actually that was not really that simple.
Tranquil Beautiful Porch

Then in the porch set a fireplace that really set modernly. I could spend my afternoon there with him to share all the things with a cup of coffee and a beautiful sunset that can be seen from his porch perfectly. His porch is my favorite spot in his house. I love how the glass rail made me freaked out because I thought that his porch has no rail. He just laughed at me and knocked at the rail to ensure me that the rail is made of glass. I also loved how the modern fireplace there trims the porch perfectly.
Window Sight Bathroom

For the Bathroom, I do really love the wall paint that set in an aquatic green color. Then the floor in a pale wooden color complete with its window sight bath up. The bath up is in white and the counters in a dark wooden color. I just wondered to take a bath there while I enjoy the scenery from the window. That must be really wonderful. Then the Glass room divider that really beautiful separate the sink room to the bath room perfectly.