Twin Peaks House in Modern and Minimalist Design

Last Summer I went to my uncle’s twin peak house in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia. There I spent my holiday together with my cousins. The house is located in a preserved heritage area, then that was the reason why my cousin and I chose my uncle’s house as the home stay. The view is really amazing with the cathedral house look as my uncle’s house neighbor. Moreover, my uncle’s house is really beautiful from outside and inside. The look is just like American ware house and the inside just the adorable modern dwelling ever.

The house is come really minimalist. The house has no backyard and just provides the limited bedrooms for my uncles, my cousin and me. Most of the colors that dominating the house is the natural and neutral colors like black, white and wooden colors. But even so, the modern look and the simple style are perfectly come across the house through the furniture and the decorations. The house is really minimalist and stylish remember the land is not really spacious and the furniture come simply.
The Living Dining Room

Because the house built in a small land, and then the living room and the dining room is come in a space that makes the room looks spacious. The barstools in the modern small minimalist kitchen also trim the room modernly. The kitchen is dominated by the white and black colors for the counters, barstools, the sink and the backsplash. Then for the dining room, the wooden dining table is really suitable with the floor to be placed there perfectly. Then the Living room decorated by the grey couches and the black arch lamp that give lighting for the night if my uncle want to reading something there.
The Beautiful Bathroom

The bathroom of the house is really comfortable, I know I do really amazed with the white shade that come across the bathroom and trim the bathroom perfectly. The modern look is really felt there by placing the simple wide mirror right in the middle of the bathroom together with the large square sink and the white summer flowers that placed in the white vase. The look seemed really beautiful and modern.