Two Bedroom House Plans for Small Land

Then it is really suitable for you if you try to obtain the two bedroom house plans for your small land. Beside this house is really fulfilling your needs it is also will easily build and clean. The minimalist house that will make you feel satisfied. Actually the two bedrooms plans are also come in a two stories, but we will more focus for the house that only has a story. Then the house will provide you the two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, usually with two porches, a garage, a carport and a garden.

The two bedrooms usually build in different size remember one of them is the master bedroom and the other just the usual size of bedroom, or if the concept of the room has different definitions, then you will get two usual size bedroom and one master bedroom. Just try to ask your architect before you build your house perfectly. Build as your needs and your taste. If two bedrooms without the master are enough then just realize it.
Minimalist House in a Story

The minimalist house the build in a small land will really dense but lovely for the sketch. The room only divided in two lines. In the front we just see the porch, in the middle, after entering the house we will enter the living room complete with the fireplace. In the right side of the living room there is the usual bed size with the bathroom and in the left there is the master room complete with its bathroom also. Then after the living room we will enter the kitchen that set together with the dining room. Then in the left side of the kitchen we will see the same bathroom that the master bedroom has.
The Garage and the Carport

It is okay to obtain the minimalist house with two bedrooms that really dense, but you can also try to obtain the sufficient garage and carport for your vehicle. You can make it separated to your minimalist house or just build it near the house. Build the garage that can keep all of your vehicles. Then you can also build the carport near the garden. If you think that garden has less functions then you can make it as your carport as well.