Victorian Villa with Translucent Modern House Concept

Last Winter I went to my elder brother’s Victorian villa. Do not wrong, his Victorian dwelling is not like the vintage, classic or something old fashioned. His Victorian house built in a really modern sense with the magnificent design of the shape that inspired from the lens house and origami like. No, the architect is not my brother, he bought it from Alison Brooke Architect and I do really love the modern concept of the house entirely. Then this adorable villa was built in Islington, London, United Kingdom perfectly complete with its beauty.

What makes me impressed to the dwelling for the first is the front yard. The garden is really spacious and mild with the green lawn that swept all over the garden complete with the huge tree that makes shaded in the lawn perfectly. From the outdoor look, this dwelling is really interesting with the combination of brick wall and the black panel wall that similarly to the origami look. The wide windows that set there also make the sense from the outside look so modern and minimalist.
Translucent Office Room

My elder brother is a writer; he has a lot of wall book shelf corner in his house even though it is placed randomly. I love the concept of the wall book shelves that make the sense inside the dwelling more simple and minimalist to look. As I remember he put one in his translucent office room. Yes, he has his own office room right inside his villa. He set a large Glass Roof above his desk perfectly for the lighting in daylight. Then the wide windows also help him to obtain the sun shine as well.
Modern Kitchen

My brother set the mini dining room together with the kitchen by the bar stools. Even though he still set the dining set near the kitchen. In the kitchen I love the color block combination there. He set the white, yellow, black and dark wooden wall in a room. Then he put one wall book shelf there simply above the wooden counters. What I do really love from his kitchen is the simple realistic paintings that really classic, the fruits painting. I do not really know, I just have the same taste with my brother for a painting.