Villa Ritka: Perfect Dwelling for Modern Lifestyle

Last holiday I went to my Uncle’s villa Ritka in Czech Republic. I love to spent my holiday there, beside I could experience to live in a new country, I love to stayed in my uncle’s villa. The villa is designed magnificently. The villa located in a rural area of Czech, but built in a modern style that really suitable for my uncle that has a modern lifestyle. He never wrong to choose the house dwells like this villa. The sense of the modern can be seen from the minimalist look of the dwelling and the furniture that exist.

The house has no swimming pool or beautiful garden, but the beautiful interior design was enough for me to spend my holiday in Czech. The villa is consisting of two stories with its flat roof that really make the look so modern and minimalist. The villa has no fence, and then in the backyard there is just a green lawn as far as the eye can see. In the breeze afternoon my uncle usually ask me to play a kites there remember that this villa has no neighbor, so I did not worry if we would bother other people.
The Comfortable Minimalist Living Room

In the living room I spent my most time in my uncle’s villa. There I did my activity like watching the television, reading my favorite novels, writing a blog, chatting with my college friends that had their holiday in their hometown, and everything. I had rather to do my activity there because the living room was really comfortable. The breeze from the wide windows that set there and the puffy couch made me really lazy to hangout and moved from sitting.
Beautiful Porch

Then the second my favorite spot is the porch. There I usually spent the afternoon together with my uncle to enjoy the sunset with a cup of tea and small chit chat about everything. My uncle is an Interior designer that really famous in the town. He usually talk about his job to me that made me little bit interested to his job, but I am a medical student that will become a doctor someday. In the beautiful porch that trimmed by the stones decorations my though and my uncle’s unite into one. I love Czech.