Villa SSK with Weird Shape Modern Dwelling

In my last research I went to Tokyo, Japan, to learn their urban culture then I stayed in the villa SSK together with my Japanese research family. Actually I was not expected to live in a really modern house that built luxuriously, but the family that offered the dwelling to stay just the owner of the villa then the deal was agreed. Moreover, when I arrived in Narita International airport the family took me and treated me in the sushi restaurant, they are so warm and friendly.

The house is located in the side of the bay, and my bedroom was placed near the backyard that made me can enjoyed the bay scenery every morning. The beautiful scenery of the house can easily obtained because the house is set a lot of wide windows. The best view is when the sunset time, all of the things turn into orange and become dark a minute later. I love to spend my afternoon in the backyard together with the owner of the villa.
The Luxurious Bathroom

You know? Every part of the house is set wide windows that made me easily looked into the bay. Including the bathroom, the wide windows set there perfectly face the bay. You can imagine how the sense to take a bath in warm bubble water while you enjoy the bay sight from the wide windows provided there. Moreover, the wall is set in wooden then the warm sense there sorely felt. The lighting in the bathroom was only floor lamps that come in yellow crystal ball lamps.
The Neighborhood

Because of my research, I chose to stay in the villa that has neighbor to easily and naturally observed their behavior in neighboring and socialize in Asian culture, especially Japanese culture. The entire house there has no fence that indicates the friendly and openness of the people there. Even though they are an urban people, they still lived in harmonious as neighbors. Then the best was, they know each other. The owner of the villa also known as the familiar people, kindhearted and loyal, Asian culture teach me how to appreciate other people.