Vintage Rustic Bedroom Ideas with Natural Shade

Rustic bedroom ideas will really suitable to be combine with the vintage concept. The wooden stuffs of rustic that come variously is really match to the sweet stuffs of vintage that come in flowery things. These two themes are really suitable to be combined in a natural shade like the pale colors, soft colors, and the natural shade one. The natural shade is consist of the natural things colors like the brick, stone, green, cream, ivory, white, brown, grey, wooden, and black. You can just set in your beautiful rustic room perfectly.

Then you must set the floor in the soft or natural colors, but it is the best if you get it in a wooden floor. The wooden floor will make you easy to obtain the other furniture that set in wooden. Just smartly combine the colors and you can also trim the floor with the rug or carpet to make your room in a beautiful sense as well. The vintage rug usually comes in a flowery motive or just simply abstract. For the color, you can set it as the colors of the wall that you obtain there.
The Vintage Sweet Touch

The vintage furniture that usually matches to your rustic sense is the one that come in a details and sweet engravings, that is for the wooden. Then for the metal furniture like for the chandelier and the other lamps just find the one in the same color to the dominating color there. Then choose the one that has the sweet sense of flower motives in it. For the table cloth and curtain it will really nice if you put the lacey things there perfectly.
The Bed Stuffs

Then for the bed stuffs, you can easily set the bed cover and the bed sheet in flowery one. Then you can also set cushions there that come in a soft colorful theme in vintage look. You can also try to obtain the lacey cushions I you want. Then just set a vase of flowers near your bed. You can change it every week. The best look for the natural vintage and rustic look is the white roses.