Wardrobe Designs for Your Every Bedroom Theme

Wardrobe design is really significant to your bedroom theme. Then you have to set the right wardrobe in your bedroom to get the theme that you want. The girly look will really suitable if you combine it with the colored wardrobe or with the beautiful walking closet. Then if you try to obtain the modern one, make it in a shiny door wardrobe color and make the inside of the wardrobe come in a dark wooden color or even black. The wardrobe usually comes big to keep your clothes there tidily.

I ever saw the really great wardrobes. The first is belonging to my elder sister and the second is owned by my college friend. Both of them come in different look, my elder sister’s come in simple and minimalist design that really suitable to her minimalist look bedroom. Then my college friend’s come in soft pink wardrobe that really suitable to her girly bed room. The looks of the wardrobes is really suitable to the bedrooms then if you want to make your bedroom in the beautiful sense, just makes it in a theme with your bedroom.
Minimalist Wardrobe for Minimalist Bedroom

The minimalist wardrobe that helps my sister trim her minimalist bedroom is come in white wooden wardrobe. The wardrobe designed with no doors then it will ease my sister to pick the clothes from the wardrobe. Not only clothes but she also keeps her shoes collection there tidily. Because the wardrobe has a lot of partitions, then my sister keep her clothes depend on the type of the clothes itself. Like she separated the dresses to her shirt, and she also separated the skirts to her trousers and pants.
Girly Wardrobe for Girly Bedroom

The second example is come from my college friend’s wardrobe. The wardrobe is stick to the wall. The wardrobe has white doors that make it really tidy to combine with her soft pink wallpaper. In the inside, when I opened the wardrobe, the wall inside also come in soft pink. The drawers and the divider come in a color with the door that comes in white. Like my sister’s she separates the clothes depend on the types of the clothes in it. The look of the wardrobe is just really beautiful and tidy. I love it.