White Springs Granite in Green Kitchen Set

My mother in law wanted to renovate her kitchen for using the white springs granite. She wanted to change her kitchen set in granite. It was because she wanted to get the durable material as well. Her friend promoted her new kitchen in granite. Hence, my mother in law was interested in having the similar thing to her friend. Moreover, she told me the plan. She also asked me to help her in shopping thing. She asked me to accompany her choosing the kitchen furniture. She wanted to get the best deal price for the furniture as well.
Going to the Store

My mother asked me to accompany her that day. We went to the kitchen furniture store to find the furniture. There, we found various kitchen set in white granite. The salesman showed us the original granite. The original granite is in a big rock. We should touch it to see how tough the rock is. Then, the salesman showed us the polished white granite. She said that the rock has been polished to have smooth surface. Again, we touched it and felt the different surface.
Getting the Furniture

After long explanation from the salesman, my mother asked for the kitchen set. She asked us to follow her. We came to the different room. There are many kitchen sets as we saw in the first time. We walked around the room accompanied by the salesman. We saw the green kitchen set, black kitchen set, and white kitchen set. My mother asked why there are just three options. Then, the salesman told her that it is for the exclusivity. However, my mother began to check the kitchen set. Then, she chose the green kitchen set finally.

In the green kitchen set, my mother got the green kitchen island, grey kitchen cabinets, and grey kitchen counters. I understood why she chose the green kitchen set because it provided two color combination for a kitchen set. My mother has set the plan for the kitchen island. She wanted place the stainless steel fruit basket. Hence, she could place her favorite fruits there. However, my mother in law seemed satisfied to her new kitchen.