Wonderwall for Minimalist Green House Design

In the last holiday, I went to Thailand and I saw the wonderwall built for a minimalist house design. The exact location is in Chiang Mai, the heart of Thailand after Bangkok. The designer designs the house in a tropical sense like the Thailand itself that located in a tropical area. Unfortunately, I just came and visited the house. The house is my guide’s friend. He was let me to saw his house outside and inside, the garden and every room of his house. You know? It was really awesome!

The garden is full of big trees and tropical plants like frangipani trees. The green lawn and the leaves vine full the garden beautifully complete with its stone steps and the small pond that set behind the outdoor dining room. In the pond there were water hyacinths that stunningly trim the outdoor living perfectly. He set all of his room in minimalist look complete with his modern stuffs. The house is quite complicated because it is divided into three or four house part.
The Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool in a tropical country like Thailand is a must, because tropical country is mean to be summer all year long then to have a swimming pool right in your tropical country house is a must. Then you will call it as holiday all year long, what a paradise. He set the swimming pool right behind his bedroom. Then you can immediately swim in the pool just from opened the wide window and go out then swim. Magnificent concept and I love it.
Opened Bathroom

The bathroom is located beside the swimming pool and it is opened swimming pool. I know the designer of the house try to make the house as simple as possible. So I think that if I were the house owner, when I wake up in the morning then I immediately swimming in the pool and then taking a bath in the opened bathroom that built right behind the swimming pool. The sense is really minimalist with the wooden floor and the hidden lamps that really beautiful shining under the water.