World Longest House for Different Bedroom Designs

Last month, I visited the world longest house. It was my opportunity for my reportage. I was sent there to observe and gain more information about the house. I was there with friend in similar company. We already had our permission there. Hence, we only needed to meet the manager who had the control for the house. We arrived in the house early than the schedule. Yet, the manager greeted as very well. We were asked where we wanted to start the observation.
Asking about the House

Before observing more about the house, my friend and I asked the basic information about the house. The manager started to explain about the landscape. The house is located in the high land. It is a kind of a hill. Then, it has unique design adjusted to the land contour. This house has horizontally shape. I can say that the house is horizontally long from the north to the south. The house shape, the manager added is adopted like a sandwich. The rooms are between the white concrete ceiling and basic structure. Well, the manager explained us very clearly and understandable about the construction.
Observing the House

We walked to the outdoor corridor of the house. The manager said that the connection of the room is only connected by the corridor. Hence, the rooms are not connected each other. The rooms are divided into several parts for ground level and the upper level. The ground level consists of the penthouse bedroom with various designs. One of the room that I entered is the room with brown bed frame with king size bed, orange carpet under the bed and under the white sofa set. There is a white desk with white chair and an arch sitting lamp.

Meanwhile, the upper level consists of kitchen, dining room, and the other living room. The kitchen has white counter and cabinet. It is used the open kitchen set. Hence, there are many black chairs arranged in the counter. We can also find the rooftop swimming pool with wooden deck there. On the rooftop, we were not only found those spaces. We also found the additional indoor pool in one of the space. I thought that it was the spectacular experience for my job.