Z House Bellevue Hill with Modern Concept Dwelling

Last year I went to Sydney to met up with my Mom, now she lived in Z house Bellevue hill and she lived with my step father there. It feels amazing when I knew that my mother was no longer alone. I love to see her in a good conditions and healthy. In Australia I stayed there and I do love her house. The house is really modern and luxury. She loves to swim then that is why I found the swimming pool in her backyard complete with its green lawn and the outdoor nook.

My step father set the house into a clam mood house with the usage of the natural color in the whole house. For the wall he set almost all in white, so on for the floor, all set in grey. The stuffs that lay there just in natural colors like white, ivory, black, grey and wooden colors. In the front look of the house he set the roof in a flat wooden roof I do not really do not know the terms but it is just like a blind but from woods that cover the roof, over all it is beautiful.
The comfortable Living Room

That was just like a blink if I remember I spent a lot of my time there in the living room. The perfect puffy grey sofa and the wide window is the perfect combination for the breezy living room. Moreover the look there is really modern and minimalist. The colors that are really calm and the sense that is really minimalist could make me really love the living room that much. I did my business there, I chat with my friends there and I spend a lot of my time with my mom there too.
Sparkling Bathroom

Then what I love the most from this house is the bathroom that come in a sparkling bathroom complete with it simple but beautiful chandeliers in front of the mirror. The wide mirror can make me really love to linger there longer to check my face and the other parts of my body. The bathroom is not really large but I do love the sense, the warm sense of bathroom. The grey floor and the wooden wall really blend into one mood that makes everyone who enters the bathroom feel comfortable.