Yellow Interior Design Ideas to Maintain the Whole House

I visited my friend’s house last month, and then I saw her yellow interior design ideas. I was really interested in her house design ideas. Then, I asked her if she allowed me to walk around her house. I thought that it is a kind of a new design. I knew that she really likes yellow whatever the things look. Of course, she realized her favorite color in to her interior design ideas. Putting the color of yellow will create new fresh ambiance.
Seeing the Kitchen Side

I started to see around while she was doing her jobs in the kitchen. Surely, I explored first the kitchen. I saw that she arranged the kitchen precisely. She chose a big aluminum cupboard aside the kitchen steel cabinets. Then, she put the luxurious kitchen counters to complete her kitchen. More than that, she put something that can be the centre of attention. She put green rounded kitchen islands there. In addition, placing the unique wall decoration in the dining room will boost the appetite as well.
Going Through the Bedroom

I tried to ask her how if I see her bedroom. Fortunately, she also permitted me. I walked to the master bedroom. I saw all in yellow. I could see the king size bed. There, she tried to create the different atmosphere there by applying flower curtain and wooden floor with plaid carpet. It will create warm atmosphere. She added curved small table near the bed. She also added the standing lamp aside the bed. To make the bedroom look wider, she put the large mirror. On the other hands, she added an accent to the wall by applying line wallpaper bedroom.

After I felt tired to explore her house, I came back to the living room. I felt really homey there. I could sit on the ornamented sofas there. If I sat there, I could see the book shelves in my right side. Hence, I could reach to find a book easily. Then, my eyes would be spoiled to pattern blue wallpaper. Aside the book shelves, I saw red curtain to beautify the room. When I look up on the ceiling, I saw the hidden lamps giving the dramatic effect. Moreover, I saw for a while her bathroom. It is very well-maintained. I saw the rounded mirror near the shower bath as the middle of attention.