Artists’ Studios in Modern, Eclectic & Vintage Styles for Learning the Art

My friend asked me to accompany her visiting one of the artists’ studios in modern, eclectic, and vintage styles. My friend likes being an artist someday. Hence, she wants to learn from the senior artists. She also expands her social relationship with the other artists. Visiting the studio is one of her way to reach her dream. Therefore, I could not refuse her request about it. I then asked her when she wanted to go to that studio. She said that it will be tomorrow.
Driving to the Studio

I was still curious where the studio is. My friend just said the studio is near from our neighborhood. It did not take long time for arriving in the place. I saw a high apartment building in that place. The studio must be one of the apartments there. My friend and I came out of the car. Then, we went straightly to the elevator. My friend pressed the floor button. We arrived in front of the studio. My friend and I met the senior artist. He has the specialty in painting. Then, we came in to the apartment.
Looking Inside of the Apartment

My friend had conversation with the artist while I asked the permission to see his studio. I walked around the room. I saw various painting tools. I also see the canvas and the painting board. I saw the wooden chair there. The artist also has white frames for the painting. Around the work space, I saw the black round table to place the brushes and the oil paints. Moreover, I observed that the house is featured in white wall and wooden floor.

Furthermore, I observed the apartment more. Close to the work space, the artist placed the black leather sofas. He placed the grey asymmetric table above the grey rug. For the lighting system, he placed black arch standing lamp. Behind the sofas, he placed one of his paintings. He installed the white and black abstract painting. There, I also saw the unique corner. This corner is featured with unbalanced Victorian arm chairs with round table. Then, the artist placed various art things there like miniature of Monalisa painting. I did not know that I have walked there for some times until my friend wanted to come home.