Intriguing Small Bathroom Ideas for Maximum Functionality

Difficult and complicated are what small space gives to people. It can be any rooms, especially inside apartment or studio room where the area is only enough for one people. It is getting tricky for designers to decorate a small bathroom. What people can do is to maximize space, and thus they would not feel suffocating. One method is to do clutter-free arrangement, which defines exact difference between one part and another.

Contemporary theme is great for small bathroom design, which it paints white color to walls and for sink color. Shower area is separated with glass door too, in rather dark gray tone for matching with neutral color. On another bathroom, clean line is really defined well by attaching brown tiles to both walls and flooring surface. In this case, room looks like having one element and seems in flowing. Hang crystal lamps on glass partition, whereas white ceramic sink is put on top of brown cabinets.

Or, homeowner can choose two designs which mean to use granite tiles for lower part of wall, whereas upper one is painted in white tone. Wooden countertop part has white ceramic sink in bowl shape on top. Furthermore, do not forget to bring decorative accents, such as fresh flowers inside glass vase or aromatic plants on a small plate. Put framed photos or pictures can be a great choice too.

Color combination seems to be the most important feature for tiny bathroom. Try mixing gray marble stone for lower part of wall, whereas tiny tiles are for flooring surface. After that, white countertop completes silver coated cabinets under it. Instead of choosing wall paint color, create bold touch by installing wallpaper with frame motif. Aside for decoration, small bathroom layout is essential too. Floating shelves, separated shower area, and many more are some examples.