Bookworm for Bookshelves in the Living Room

My nephew was looking for a bookshelf, and the he wanted the unique one, so he decided to buy the bookworm. This kind of bookshelves has unique design. The design suits to the youngster like my nephew. Moreover, the youngster likes the dynamic and modern design. My nephew found the bookshelves in the internet. He also has ever seen the similar design to his friend’s house. Therefore, he told my older sister to give him that kind of bookshelves.
The Functions for My Nephew

Bookshelves have similar functions for the people. They can keep the books and other things. Moreover, the bookshelves help to make the books arranged in a good order. Hence, the people and you will not take long time when you want to read a particular book. To make the book in a good order, you and my nephew need to make a good system as well. The system is on how you and my nephew arranged the book by titles, authors, publishers, etc. Actually, my nephew considered the bookshelves as his treasure keeper. He has ever told that to me. Hence, he really keeps his own bookshelves.
Placing the Bookshelves

My nephew has another bookshelf in his own space. Yet, this bookshelf has been filled by all his stuff. Then, the bookshelf cannot keep more stuff. Thus, he looked for the new one. He had already a plan where he would put the new bookshelf. He wanted to place it in the living room. Since the bookshelf has unique design, he thought to make it as the decoration of the room. I thought that it is the good idea. The room has already brown leather sofa, brown single sofa, round wooden table, and brown carpet. I could also green arch standing lamp there.

Furthermore, my nephew also wanted to create the cozy place for reading activity. Hence, he placed the orange patterned cushions on the bookshelf. The bookshelf can be used as the bench at once. Then, my nephew installed the white bulb lamp hanging on the shelf. Therefore, he could read the books clearly for sure. I expected the layout for the new bookshelves later.