Attractive Large Minimalist House for Your Simple Style

If you have a large land and you do not want to build the complicated house design, perhaps you can have a large minimalist house to live in. You can have both the minimalist house and the lovely garden in your large land. If you want to have a distinctive design of the house, you can find some examples in the interior design book or website. There is one best examples of the minimalist house which made by A-cero which creates the project called as Open Box House.

If you see some examples of minimalist house design, for the interior design, they mostly have a simple idea of it. First, for the living room, you may have some long sofas. To make your room looks so elegant, you can choose the sofas which have the black color with some soft cushions on it. Next, you can put a black wooden table in your living room. It will be better if you choose the table which has the unique design.

Afterwards, you can place your dining room near the living room. For the dining room, you may use some furniture in a white color and you may add a white comfortable rug as well. By using it, you will have such a lovely combination between the living room and the dining room. Next, you can put your black television near the dining room, so that you can watch your favorite television show while eating or spending the time at the living room.

Then, for the outdoor part, you can have your lovely swimming pool in your backyard or having a fish pond beside your house. Do not forget to find some references related to the minimalist exterior design to make the look of your house become stunning. Hence, find also alternative for the minimalist interior design to be applied in your house.