Great Stylish Apartment Design in Perfect Architecture

Architecture becomes important when it comes to build a private residence. But actually, stylish apartment needs it too for making and supporting best layout arranged inside. Balanced design and ergonomic feature are what architects and designers always say to be pout in building a living place. Located in Jerusalem, Israel, this Musical Apartment is successfully defined by Kobi Zik in new perspective. This space is about flowing theme yet still made it into contemporary theme.

Overall design is about white paint color, which is applied to walls and ceiling. The stylish apartment ideas come into spotlight when all items used and placed inside are mix and matched well with the core design of room. Floating cabinets in white color are hung to lower part of wall, whereas large black television screen is attached to wall above it. After that, white coffee table is placed in front of dark brown leather sofas. Add another white armchair for extra seating.

In another part of apartment, people can see that architecture and music are becoming one, as the apartment’s name implies. On one corner, tall white bookshelf is filled with book collections, whereas table set of white desk is also done as reading spot. Next to it, shiny black grand piano is added along with some framed photos on top. On the other side, white bar design is put with strong bar stools.

Just like reading spot and its library, in order to keep toys of kids in neat manner, concept of box cabinets are stacked up to ceiling. Therefore, parents can use these boxes to keep and even can play color as toys will have their own color theme. Meanwhile in kitchen space, stylish apartment decor done is in white theme, both for cabinets and countertop parts. Beautify surrounding arrangement with potted plants or fresh flowers.