Stunning Beach House with Homey and Luxurious Offers

Take your time and run a way or a while into the beach house in the Turks & Caicos Island in the British West Indies. Surely time passes by unknowingly and suddenly you will feels like in heaven on earth in here. The fresh breeze that comes from the sea, hear the waves calling out to play is something you rarely experience in the big city. Not only that the natural surrounding is already beautiful, but the place where you stay is also important to make the vacation worth to stay.

The Coral House on Grace Bay is one beach house design that really recommended staying. You can see that this house actually is covering about 12.000 square meters land and it really use wisely to adjusting with the resident needs. You can see the combination of the traditional house design combine with contemporary house design and also coastal interior design. The living room looks very beautiful and cozy with the antique sofa set along with rattan seats make you feel ease. The eclectic room decor comes from the Chinese statue over the table and painting on the wall. The star pendant light fits very well in this room.

Sliding to the home library you will feel very amazing. The library is surrounded with doors. Some has double doors and in the corner you can find single door with glass which enable you to see right through the blue sea. The elliptical transom and half round transom added beauty to the room. Leather sofa and ottoman with fur decor and the ethnic carpet below shows and old royalty taste in this room. You will be free enjoying the books while some of your friends playing the piano.

The formal dining room looks superb. The long wooden table is surrounded with dining chairs which is covered with white fabric bring sophisticated atmosphere in here. The flowers decor is located in the corner of the room while the center of attention comes from the open doors which show off the beauty of the sea, beach and also the coconut trees. The beach house design ideas surely take off the fatigue and replenish it with fresh atmosphere.