Unusual Contemporary Residential Architecture For Wonderful Living

Creative designer usually has unusual contemporary residential architecture. Modern home design has many styles. The style inspiration comes from many sources. Designer always get inspiration from nature, daily activity, or solving space problem. Designer can create the design as unique as possible. Beside of the residence has to be built as unique as possible, the residence has to be built as comfort as possible. Although a home is located in crowded urban area, it has to give comfortable and enjoyable living. This problem gives inspiration for Starpilots Studio to design creative residence. This special residence is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Home which built in crowded area have many consideration to produce aesthetic dwelling place. It has to consider many aspects for obtaining the perfect modern house. Contemporary residential architecture design has to give modern and elegant sense. Unlike the residences around the home, it has to look striking to show the elegance of the home. This modern home is designing by bright color exterior design. It makes the home look striking between other residences. Line striping decorates the home exterior design it makes a unique pattern if the home is looked from outside. This home is built by three levels. The first level is more tapered than other level. It makes the home like a huge mushroom.

Interior design of modern home is designed by elegant design. Bright color makes the interior design look simple and brighter. Wooden material is embedded in some parts of the home. Combination of bright and wooden colors make the interior design look wonderful. Wooden materials give natural sense to the room. Wooden material will make the sunlight softer.

Crowded area encourages the home designer have to create minimalist and elegant home. The home is inserted among other residence, so this modern house will look striking than others. Bright color and simple design is characteristic of modern home design. Creative modern residential architecture is solution to create the modern home in crowded urban area.