Contemporary Dining Table Ideas for Outdoor Dining

My mother is always interested in dining room, and then she wants to build an extension dining room, so she looks for contemporary dining table ideas. My mother is a person who likes modern art like contemporary. It is a kind of modern art which combines the mixtures, patterns, shapes, and colors. This art likes to use asymmetric shapes, bold colors, and various patterns and mixtures. Hence, my mother likes trying to place design the extensive dining room with this kind of art.
Setting the plan

My mother is really excited when she talks about home design especially the dining room. She likes to gather the family members there. Hence, she likes to have large dining table. That is why she is going to build the extensive dining room. She plans that the extensive room will be a kind of outdoor dining room. It is because the room will not be enough to place larger dining table set. Since we are the big family, she tries to build a cozy place to have meal together. Therefore, she thinks this extension very carefully.
Picking the Dining Table

When my mother decided to have room extension, she has considered contemporary theme for the room. It is different from the previous theme. Still, she is confident to build it. My mother chose black oriental wooden table. She also featured this table with black wooden chairs and benches. She added the classic ornamented chandelier. Then, she put the brown rug under the table. She also added the wooden cabinets to keep the cutleries and other dishes appliances. Aside the dining table, she adds the steel standing lamp. Moreover, she puts the black oriental pot to make it greener.

Furthermore, my mother will realize the extensive dining room soon. She will draw the layout to the room. She will build the extension room like a terrace. Then, she puts the dining table in the middle of it. She installs the chandelier above the table. She mentions that the outdoor dining room will allow more people to join. It is because my mother can add some chair to the other without worrying the space.