Homes with Small Courtyards in Former Industrial Theme

My younger brother lives in a house which is implemented one of the homes with small courtyards. He wanted to maximize his landscape to build his own house. He only has narrow landscape, but he wanted to get complete typical room for a house. Thus, he integrated that kind of the design. He wanted to show me if his house finished. After several months, my younger brother called me to tell me that the house has finished. Then, he asked me to come with our mother there.
The Visit Day

I brought my mother with me. I saw the black steel fence covered the house. The house has small front yard in it. I could see the concrete construction there. My younger brother likes something in old fashion. The house is very him if I could say it. He uses the former industrial theme for the house. I also saw the patterned wall as the fa├žade. My mother and I were curious how the interior looks like. I pressed the bell and my younger brother came out.
To the House

We came inside the house. He asked us to sit on the blue sofas with black glass table. I saw that the design is quite minimalist. Near the sofa, I could see the white sofa as well. In front of it, I saw the wooden bench. More than that, my younger brother built the house with grey brick wall. He also placed the concrete floor and the grey wooden ceiling to complete the house theme.

More than that, my younger brother tried to create the open living there. It avoided showing the narrow space of the room. He installed the glass sliding door to separate the hammock and the living room. He planted several plants there. On the other sides, he placed the kitchen behind the living room. He uses the breakfast bar design for the kitchen. Hence, he placed the wooden high chairs on the kitchen counter. Yet, he placed the wooden dining table with red and black chairs. However, my mother and I are happy when his house finished and then he could move there soon