Interior Design Idea to My Boss’s Wife Wish

My boss’ wife wanted to decorate her new house, and then she asked every person in the office about interior design idea several months ago. She wanted the classic and simple design. Moreover, she wanted to have modern contemporary in the same time. Of course, it made my friend and I confused how to answer her question. Indirectly, she asked us to help her find the right design. Therefore, my friends and I worked together to provide the designated design. Then, we decide to focus on the public place like living room and kitchen.
The Idea of Living Room

My friends and I asked our boss’s wife how the living room’s size is. My boss’ wife said that the room has spacious width and length. My friends and I wanted to offer the boss’s wife with white sofa set. We offer her to place the wooden table. In the middle of ceiling, we told her to place round circle centre lamp. We, then, said to the boss’s wife that we recommended placing the hidden digital fireplace. It would be featured in grey wall. Then, we recommended installing the white ceramic floor there.
The Idea of Kitchen

After that, we moved to the kitchen idea. My friends and I tried to design the kitchen as what my boss’s wife wish. We said to her to install the black ceramic kitchen cabinets. This cabinet would be combined to the white kitchen counters. Then, we recommended having black wooden floor. Moreover, we recommended also placing the wooden chairs to the counter. We thought that it would be the great kitchen for a big house. We told her to install the crystal chandelier there.

Furthermore, we said to my boss’s wife to get the dining room at once. She could place the wooden dining table set. The set consisted of long table and several chairs. It would allow more people to have meal there. To decorate the room, she could place large square wooden framed mirror on the wall. She could add the hidden lamps on the ceiling. On the other hands, my friends and I thought that it would be really worked on my boss’s house.