Interior Design Living Room for First or Second Option

My father wanted to find an interior design living room. He wanted to apply it in our new house. He has designed all the parts of the house. Yet, he has not found the right design for the living room. He browsed on the internet about the design. He even asked his architect friend to help him designing the living room. My father thought that the living room is face of our house. We greet our guests there. Thus, my father wanted to get the suitable design.
First Option

My father thought two options of the living room design. Both of the designs have modern style. For the first option, he wanted to place grey sofas. In front of the sofa, he placed the wooden table. Then, he thought to place black television cabinets. To make the room more beautiful, he installed the grey wooden floor. There, he added the brown rug. This design would encompass the centre of the room. Then, my father wanted to install the white curtain to the windows. It would neutralize the dark color. Moreover, he would install the black wall shelves on the wall.
Second Option

My father did not stop in the first option. He thought the second option of the living room design. He wanted to have lighter atmosphere. He, then, placed white corner sofa. In front of it, my father put stripped pattern table like zebra patterns. Then, he chose grey wall to complete the room. Then, he placed the yellow sitting lamps. Moreover, he placed the ornamented standing lamp. My father added the four square mirrors on the wall as an accent. To get fresher atmosphere, my father placed the big plant pot in the other corner.

On the other hands, my father was really confused to choose the design. Then, he asked my whole family to choose the design. Then, my mother chose the second option. Of course, the whole family chose the similar thing as my mother did. More than that, my father seemed very satisfied. Obviously, my father would apply the second option for our new living room.